Our focus is building key life skills through our multidimensional delivery approach which includes outdoor programs in pristine locations in india and the rest of the world to inschool interventions and online sessions.


Designed For

Grades 4-12


4-10 Days




Provide future leaders with hands on experience to take charge and understand different leadership skills and styles.


Build an environment to struggle collectively and support each other. Learn about trust, conflict and accountability.


Discover the world within. A path of self discovery and new experiences to realize that ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I am capable’.

OUTCLASS Life Skills Curriculum

Our life-skills curriculum for Grades 4-12 is designed around the life stage of students. It is built on our belief that important life skills can be developed experientially while having fun and we learn best in real situations, when emotions are heightened, and the challenge pushes us to solve problems.

Outclass was inspired by our own rich beyond-the-classroom learning experiences as students. Those experiences powerfully complemented our ‘academic growth’ by helping us build real ‘life skills’ that have helped us in our lives – looking inwards with honesty, working effectively with our teammates, and leading others with commitment.

OUTCLASS Life Skills Curriculum-min
The programs are designed to coincide with the various development stages of students from class 4 to class 12. These 4- to 10 day programs help students explore possibilities, learn to work with and lead others, embrace social and environmental responsibility, stretch themselves and become more self-disciplined. All this happens on our outdoor learning campuses across North and South India.

Our program meets various board guidelines for life skills and social and emotional learning.we are compliant with requirements for CAS and learner profile in IB Schools and NEP 2020, SUPW guidelines for CBSE. We are Certified adventure partners of IAYP (formerly Duke of Edinburgh Awards) and our programs meet eligibility criteria for bronze, silver, and gold levels for students.

Safety Measures

Doctor On

1:5 Adult To
Child Ratio

Exclusive Campuses

Senior Facilitator
As Campus Chief

UIAA Standardized

Instructor Training And Development

Learning Objectives
For Each Program
Post Program
Feedback Report
Comprehensive Risk
Management SOP

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Outclass Campuses


Sitlakhet, Uttarkhand


Uroli, Uttarkhand


Tirthan, Himachal Pradesh


Tons, Uttarakhand


Yercaud, Tamil Nadu


Junga, Himachal Pradesh


Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand


Coorg, Karnataka


Tamia, Madhya Pradesh


Bhillar, Maharashtra



Designed For

Grades 7-12


2-4 Days

Delivered In


ARISE is a two day in-school intervention aimed at providing key life skills to children to complement their in-school learning. ARISE covers 5 key areas of development:

ARISE covers 5 key areas of development which include:
• Self-Reliance

Research indicates that though IQ has its relevance and importance in succeeding in life, it is the lesser (till now) talked about ‘Life Skills’ that are far more critical. A large number of these are dependent on the EQ of a person. These skills are part of the curriculum requirements of CBSE, IGCSE and the I.B learner profile. And also have been highlighted in the New Education Policy ( must be National Education Policy 2020″ Though the program is focused on 5 key areas, other skills such as collaboration, teamwork, lateral thinking, initiative, optimism etc. are also covered upon through the course of the activities and subsequent processing.

Designed for

Grades 10-12


7 Hours

Delivered In

Online/In School

The 7-hour program is delivered on Zoom, preferably over 2 days. These modules are interlinked and take participants through a journey where they make financial decisions and get to see the potential consequences of their decisions. The sessions are facilitator-led to help participants understand key concepts.
F@ST is a gamified experience that aims to build financial literacy to enable participants to manage their personal finances in a sustainable manner through life. The unique program helps young adults delve into one of the least taught, but most necessary life skills required to responsibly manage their own money and their organisation’s money.

The program teaches skills in 4 key pillars:
• Budgeting
• Setting long term financial goals
• Managing Investments
• Dealing with crises

Through an interactive team-game session which is fun and engaging. The teams simulate different kinds of families and their financial decisions over a 15 year journey.


Designed For



1-2 Days

Delivered In


A student leader is one who embraces responsibility for setting and living the culture of the School. Our Student leader program builds the skills and commitment for their role as prefects and become role models for the juniors. 

Delivered in-school over two days or at an outdoor location over four days.

How we at Youreka view a student leader.

Student Leaders must have the ability to communicate effectively with other people, not only students, but teachers, school leaders, guests, and parents.

Their role often involves working in teams, managing projects, ensuring discipline, making decisions, handling conflicts, being the face of the school externally, and representing fellow students.

It is the Student Leaders that must truly “live” & role model the Culture of a school (thus they can make or break it too!).

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Kaye Jacob

Principal at Heritage School, Gurgaon

One testimonial is that I keep seeing kids wearing your t-shirts. In fact, I walked behind one this morning and was thinking about “Play The Real Thing” as your slogan.

I would also say that since we have asked Youreka to take over our outdoor education program with the senior program, the level of satisfaction with the program has increased noticeably with students and teachers. Now that we use it as part of the FA assessments, it is important that we are in synch regarding the purpose of the experience in terms of its impact on the development of our students. As you know, we base our school’s philosophy partly on the works of Kurt Hahn, who believed strongly in the importance of a wilderness experience that provides a physical, mental and emotional challenge to the student as essential to enhance leadership and character skills–but the students have to enjoy the experience and it has to be managed well in order for the growth to occur. (That’s my belief anyway.) If they hate it because it is too hard-core, they will never want to experience the wilderness again, let alone be willing to challenge themselves, and I appreciate Youreka for striking that balance.”

Rohit Sen Bajaj

Ex Principal, Oakridge International, Hyderabad.

“In the 5 years that Youreka has engaged with Oakridge, children have had some of the most memorable experiences in a wilderness setting. The programs have worked well in helping children connect with nature and boost their confidence. The Youreka team is student focussed and I am confident with their safety approach and flow of various activities.”

Nishi Misra

Principal, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwalior

“My senior girls had been going to hill destinations for 6 years in a row. When they heard they were going to Sitlakhet- again in the hills, there were cold, sullen vibes. But when they returned, I received the warmest thanks ever In their report to the rest of the school during assembly, they declared Youreka to be the most hands on, most relevant, most REAL experience ever They felt empowered to go out into the world — not just to survive, but to make a difference.. They strongly recommended the experience to every senior batch because schooling is not complete without the Youreka experience.”

Nalini Pinto

Principal, NSS Hillspring International School

“Our students go on INME OUTCLASS every year. They have learnt to work collaboratively, take on challenges & lead a team.

Vibha Shah

Parent of Shlok Shah, Bombay Scottish School

“hi !! My son Shlok was a part of the Bombay Scottish team at the Rishikesh camp. He was all praises for the Inme team, their friendliness and the hospitality. All his friends have throughly enjoyed at the learning camp bringing back with them the knowledge and experience of working as a team. On seeing his pictures , I commented that I am going to register myself for such camp – to this he promptly replied ” mom-go with INME”..”